Sherezzah's Middle Eastern Postys

Hi, welcome to my Middle Eastern Posty page. I've collected a bunch of Middle Eastern type pictures (mostly dance-related) and I thought it would be fun to make them available as online postcards. Caveat: right now I'm using some free posty software and the price you pay for free software is that distracting ads show up at the top of the postys. Sorry, I can't control that!

This page enables you to pick up a posty that someone sent you, or to start to create a new posty to send to someone else.

Pick Up A Posty

To pick up a posty that someone sent to you:
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Create A New Posty

To create a new posty, start by selecting one of the following groups of pictures.

Belly Dance Florida
Florida dancers
(now with music)
Morgiana's dance (ceg) Dancer with horse
Pictures of Morgiana dancing
(from Arabian Nights)
Dancers from tapestries
Ouled Nail Salome
Pictures of the Ouled Nail from old postcards Images of Salome
Rising Phoenix Dancers
Pictures of the Rising Phoenix Dancers



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