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Find us on Facebook These days, social media is the usually the best source for this type of info. So make sure you check out the Belly Dance Florida (group) on Facebook, which has much more dynamic info posted by the hosts themselves. That said, we still maintain the following, although its content will necessarily be more limited.

Following is a calendar of events (workshops, shows, etc.) in Florida and elsewhere that may be of interest to belly dancers and Middle Eastern dance enthusiasts. We also list some other sites that have event calendars with Florida interest.

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(Note that we have a separate page for recurring events, such as monthly haflas, so you don't need to send me the same info every month, and I don't need to re-enter it every time either.)


If you know of any information that should be added or updated in this list, please let me know.


February 2016

February 26-28
Southeast. Suhaila Salimpour intensive in Ft. Pierce, with show. For more info, contact Yvonne.

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March 2016

March 11-13
North. River City Raqs Belly Dance Festival in Jacksonville. For more info contact Anais.
March 13
Southeast. Shimmy for a Cause, a dance show, 4pm at World and Eye Arts Center, 109 NW 5th St. in Ft. Lauderdale. Presented by Anti-Cancer Belly Dancers to benefit the Anerican Cancer Society.

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April 2016

April 8-10
Southeast. Kahreen and Kira present Dahlena and Angelina in workshops and gala show in Miami Shores.
April 29
This is International Dance Day every year. Create your own event! See the general Dance Day info from the director for details.
April 29-30
Southeast. Joharah has her annual Spring hafla at the German-American Club in Miami, featuring Raqia Hassan.

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May 2016

May 14
The second Saturday in May is World Belly Dance Day.

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August 2016

August 4-7
Central. "Bellydance Masters" in Orlando: A weekend of intensive workshops, two gala shows and professional dance contest. Presented by Stellar Advantage.

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September 2016

September 23-25
Southeast. Kahreen and Kira present Ahmed Hussain in workshops and show in Miami Shores.
September 28-October 2
Southeast. Virginia presents Rakstar in Miami, featuring 4 days of workshops, 3 nights of shows, and an international bellydance competition.

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November 2016

November 16-20
North. Oasis South Retreat in St. Augustine, featuring Cassandra. Contact Sa'ida Bint al-Waha for more information.

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More Calendars

The following sites also include calendars of events in or including Florida (but possibly different from those listed above):
  • The American Belly Dance Club, of Brevard county, lists their events.
  • The Beledi Club of Huntsville, Alabama, has a calendar that lists events all over the Southeast and other regions.
  • has a worldwide events listing.
  • The web site for the Kismet Dancers of Miami lists their performances and events.
  • Florida BellyDancer is a site that seems to be somewhat redundant with this one, but it's based on the west coast so may be useful for info in that area.
  • The Rising Phoenix Dancers, from Delray Beach, list their performances along with other events from all over.
  • Zaghareet's site includes a belly dance event calendar for events from all over.


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