Arabian Nights Images - Steele Savage

Steele Savage is credited with "new illustrations and decorations" for an edition called The Arabian Nights, arranged by Bennett Cerf, 1932, Triangle Books, New York. I've seen the same pictures in other versions by other publishers as well.

Although these drawings are rather on the "seductive Orient" side, they have a very beautiful Deco-Nouveau sort of design. The image at left is from the frontispiece, and presumably shows Shahrazad telling stories, as does the image below:

The image at left is from the beginning of the story titled "The Fisherman and the Jinni."
The picture at right is from the start of "Tale of Nur al-Din Ali and his Son Badr al-Din Hassan." I'm amused by the leer on face of the guy in the lower right.
This cute camel appears at the end of "Hatim of the Tribe of Tavy."
This one starts the tale of "Ali the Persian."
This lovely image ends the tale of "The Lady and her Five Suitors."
This one starts the story of "Alaeddin; or, the Wonderful Lamp." The seated guy here seems positively alarmed at the scene in front of him.
This is Morgiana, having done the deed with her dagger, in "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves." She doesn't look too happy at having saved her boss's life...
This is Morgiana from "Ali Baba" again, from another part of the story where she saves her boss's life.