Arabian Nights Images

I've become somewhat fascinated with the stories of the Arabian Nights (also known as 1001 Nights). And perhaps more so with the artwork used to illustrate the stories in the various book versions published over the years. Of course, the subject matter is of some interest, but I also think that a lot of the pictures are just really lovely images. So I thought I'd share some of them with you.

(Note: All of these represent selections from books that have actually been purchased; I haven't gone out and just scraped images from elsewhere on the Internet. And most of these books are quite old, so I believe the copyrights are expired and therefore it's OK to publish the images here (or else I severely limit what I post here)... if you know otherwise, please let me know!)

Most of the published books do not include all the stories from the original Arabic (presumably because of sex, violence, and whatever). And I haven't even read all the ones I have yet. But based on the various stories in the books I've read so far, there are a few that may have special interest to dancers:

But enough of my rambling... I've scanned some of the more interesting pictures in some of the books. ("Interesting" according to my own interests, of course, which tend to focus on dancing, women's costumes, and the occasional camel.) On a separate page is a summmary of all the books I've reviewed for this purpose thus far, organized by publisher. I also have a separate page to collect just the images of Morgiana dancing. Also check out the Arabian Nights Books web site for more info on these fascinating books and their illustrators. Anyway, following here are links to collections of interest, organized by the illustrator name.

Named Illustrators

John Batten?
, 1899?
(Added here 11/26/03, updated 2/23/04)

Vera Bock
, 1898 or 1946
(Added here 11/26/03)

Adeline H. Bolton
, 1924
(Added here 10/14/03)

Frances Brundage
, 1924
(Added here 4/9/04)

William Dempster
, 1968
(Added here 12/8/02)

Oscar Fabrès
, 1944
(Added here 4/26/04)

H. J. Ford
, 1898
(Added here 10/12/02)

Earle Goodenow
, 1946
(Added here 3/26/04)

Girard Goodenow
, 1955
(Added here 1/16/03)

Antony Groves-Raines
, 1950s?
(Added here 8/16/07)

Tessa Hamilton
, 1988
(Added here 12/17/07)

Will Hillenbrand
, 1996
(Added here 12/8/02)

Lacy Hussar
, 1921
(Added here 1/7/07)

A. E. Jackson
, undated (1920s?)
(Added here 11/16/02)

Joan Kiddell-Monroe
, 1907
(Added here 10/16/02)

Steele Savage
, 1932

Helen Stratton
, 1923?
(Added here 4/21/03)

Gustaf Tenggren
, 1957
(Added here 10/14/03)

Harry G. Theaker
, 1928?
(Added here 1/7/07)

Milo Winter
, 1914 and 1954
(Added here 11/16/02; updated 3/2/07)

Unnamed Illustrators

Unknown artist
, 1852
(Added here 1/7/07)

Unknown artist
, 1883
(Added here 7/17/06)

Unknown artist
, 1900
(Added here 4/21/03)

Unknown artist
, 1921
(Added here 11/16/02)

Unknown artist
, undated (1890s?)
(Added here 12/8/02; updated 2/16/04)

Unknown artist
, undated (1900s?)
(Added here 1/16/03)

Unknown artist
, from an undated version for children
(Updated 4/5/05)