Images of the Ouled Nail

I've acquired a bit of a collection of old postcards and other similar Orientalia. It's easy to understand why there was such a fascination with the Ouled Nail, considering their impressive jewelry and headpieces, as well as the methods by which they earned them (professional dancers who might well provide other "services").

But I'm not trying to provide a history lesson here. You can find more historical info on the Ouled Nail by doing a search in Google.

What I do want to do here is share some of the images of the Ouled Nail that I've collected, without simply duplicating pictures I've seen elsewhere on the 'net. To reduce load time, I've used thumbnails on this page. Click on the small pictures to see the larger versions.

Ouled Nail Postcards

The Ouled Nail are especially known for their highly decorated headwear. Here are some examples:

These next ones ought to win awards for having the most humongous headpieces:

The following group have interesting details on their headpieces:

These next ones give interesting views of the overall costume:

And this one shows an interesting costume detail. Not the cigarette (although they show up a lot in these old postcards), but the belt is interesting:

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