If a Cat Would Dance
This poem was created by Joani in April 2001. Here's how she tells it:
I was listening to music to dance to at the Miami Shores Show and picked this music that just reminded me of a cat, or rather, the music a cat would choose to dance to. I kept thinking of it after I went to bed and made this poem in my head. I finally got up and wrote it down. I never wrote a poem before...

If a Cat Would Dance

If a cat could dance
......would she?

Would she pirouette on her toes
in a tutu

or would she stomp a staccato
to a flamenco?

Would she promenade to a caller
at a hoedown

or would she rock in a club

I don't think she'd waste a stretch on that,
not my cat.

My cat would do a dance of grace and skill,
long slow stretching... arching...... reaching........

Then switch to a quiver, a shimmy and strike
a pose without a care.

She'd wave her paws in the air
as if there was something there she might want

then twitch an ear and raise a whisker in defiance
as she stares into your soul.

So you ask, if a cat would dance,
what dance would it be?

She'd hear the music in her soul
and dance Raks Sharki.

          by Joani, (c)2001

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