Rising Phoenix Dancers

Rising Phoenix Dancers belly dance troupe

The Rising Phoenix Dancers

Based in Palm Beach county, Florida, the Rising Phoenix Dancers perform dances of the Middle and Near East. We have an eclectic repertoire spanning the range from Orientale (Raqs Sharqi, a.k.a. "belly dance") through various folkloric forms, including Egyptian (such as Ghawazee and Saidi), Khaleegy, Moroccan, Andalusian, and Persian. We also enjoy doing various fusion styles.

The Rising Phoenix Dancers are a troupe dedicated to the joy of this dance, a beautiful and expressive dance form.

We mourn the loss of our beloved troupemate, Pari.
Another Phoenix has become an angel.
You can find all our latest news, photos, etc. if you Find us on Facebook.

If you want more information, or are interested in performances, you can find us on Facebook or you can contact Sherezzah directly at sherezzah@beledy.net.

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