Rising Phoenix Dancers - "Nar" Performance

"Nar" Performance

Folloing are several pictures from our performance of "Nar" ("Fire"), choreography by Cassandra, at Joharah's Spring 2007 event. Photos by Bradley Marshall except where noted otherwise.

Above, L-R: Marn, Pari, Katina, Lynne, Gloriana, Joani, Akasha, Sherezzah.

Above, L-R: Pari, Gloriana, Joani, Lynne, Sherezzah.

Above, L-R: Pari, Marn, Gloriana, Joani, Katina, Lynne, Akasha, Sherezzah.

Above, L-R: Pari, Joani, Marn, Lynne, Katina, Sherezzah, Akasha. Photo by Lamis.

Above, L-R: Marn, Pari, Gloriana, Joani, Akasha, Lynne, Sherezzah.

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