Rising Phoenix Dancers - Drum solo

Drum Solo

These pictures of the Rising Phoenix Dancers were all taken by Jeff Mischke at Kahreen and Kira's Gala show in April 2006.


We did a drum solo for this show.

In the picture above are (left to right) Rubesca, Lynne, Adena, Chandani (mostly obscured), and Sherezzah.

Above, left to right: Lynne, Adena, Chandani (partly obscured), Rubesca, Katina, Sherezzah, and Joani.

Above, in our final pose, left to right: Lynne, Adena, Chandani, Rubesca, Katina, Sherezzah, Akasha, and Joani.


Both the above pictures, clockwise from upper left: Lynne, Katina, Sherezzah, Chandani, Akasha, Joani, Adena, Rubesca.

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