New Oasis Turkish Jade Twin Palms Traveling Trophy

The New Oasis Turkish Jade Twin Palms Traveling Trophy

At Oasis Dance Camp South in November 2009, Sherezzah was awarded the New Oasis Turkish Jade Twin Palms Traveling Trophy. What exactly is this trophy? Well, that's a good question. That's it pictured at left, but as for history and meaning, we're not exactly clear on it either. Until that fateful day in 2009, the trophy had been limited to the North location (in Michigan), so we had very limited awareness of it, considering we generally attend only Camp South.

Here's what we know about it: it was first awarded in 2001 to Twin Palms "for years of creativity and timeless determination." (Twin Palms is the decorated room at Camp North which basically started the decorated-room trend. There's a picture in Sherezzah's article on ODC North 1999.)

Apparently, each recipient of the award is supposed to take it home, add to it somehow, then bring it back the next year and award it to whoever they feel is most deserving for whatever reason. (This the "Traveling" part.) So, it's not like the Aphrodite Awards that are voted on by all the Campers. For this, the current holder of the award gets to decide who gets it next.

The trophy is rather large--about 2 feet tall! The pic at right, with Sherezzah posing with her trophy, might give you some sense of scale. It's not extremely sturdy, being made of cardboard with various things glued to it. And, let's be honest, it's a bit ungainly. Thus, it was generally felt it could only be awarded to someone who'd driven to Camp, because it could only be safely transported by car. So, it was quite a surprise when it appeared at Camp South in Georgia.

There, it was awarded to Sherezzah, "who by sheer will and force of determination, has almost single-handedly kept Camp South going."

The back of the award (shown at left) lists all the recipients. But other than that, we know very little about its history--where it's been or how it's changed over the years. We're asking around, and if we get some info we'll add it here.

We did hear how it found its way to Camp South, however. Apparently Sue Peel discovered it left at Camp North that year, after Camp was over. I believe she consulted with Camp Director Jean to determine who it should be awarded to next. Then Sue took it home, and packed it up with lots of bubble wrap so she could take it on the plane with her to bring to Camp South.

And, we can tell you what Sherezzah has done with it. She added some pogs to the bottom (on the base between the sphinx's paws, and hanging on either side of its head--see detail on the right). Then, for 2010, she awarded it to the Rising Phoenix Dancers "for years of friendship and continuing support." Because, of course, she needed their help to keep Camp South alive.

It was just as well that the award stayed "in-house," because nobody in the group had enough room in their car to bring it up to that year's Camp.

To be continued...

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