Rising Phoenix Dancers - Reviews


Here are some of the things people have written over the years about Rising Phoenix Dancers performances.
The article with photo of Sherezzah, below, appeared in the Boca Raton News after the Rising Phoenix Dancers performed at the Humanitarian Society's dinner dance in August, 2004:

(The people in the photo immediately above are Humanitarian Society founders and board members.)

"... exquisite dances executed so skillfully... Your costumes are especially lovely and your dancing so professional. We have received many, many favorable comments about your group..."
--- Ocean View Dance Club, Dec '87

"... delightful program you presented... [audience members] have been calling all week with raves about your group..."
--- The Lord's Place, Mar '88

"You held everyone spellbound; they were just enthralled... when the show was over you left every one wanting more."
--- Ronnie and Betty Calligan, May '88

"I loved your number - you have a beautiful feel for that music."
--- Kahreen, Sept '93

"You were superb - and your group - very professional and a lot of fun."
--- Maja, Feb '97

"Thank you all for putting on a nice show as everyone enjoyed it and wants you back again."
--- Dr. Wayne Moses, Aug '04

"... I am really impressed with how beautiful you ladies looked and danced..."
--- Leticia, Oct. '04

"Thanks so much for the beautiful authentic folk cane dance you and your troupe did..."
--- Eugenia, Oct. '04

"Your routine was fantastic. It was my favorite number in the show."
--- Kahreen, Apr '05

"...elicited cheers from the crowd not only after their numbers, but also during them!! Everyone did a really awesome job."
--- Laurel, May '05

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