Laws of BellyDynamics

The Laws of BellyDynamics

Over the years, we hear and observe some things so often, they seem like Universal Truths. Other things we may hear only once, but immediately recognize their Truth. We've collected a number of these Truths into what we call the "Laws of BellyDynamics".

Other Relevant Laws

These are some "laws" which were originally developed for other fields, but which also have special significance in Middle Eastern dance:

Special Rules

The following aren't really of the same type as the preceding. They're more prescriptive than descriptive, but they're too good to omit.

Laurel Victoria Gray's Prayer:


Thanks to Joani, Shira, Aziza Sa'id, Leyla, Shakira, Leila Gamal, Marta Schill, Laurel Gray, Aszmara, Shanna, and Saqra for their contributions!

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