Arabian Nights Images - John Batten?

Although I haven't seen an illustrator credit in any of the editions I have with these images, one of them contains the same pictures shown on the Arabian Nights Books site for illustrator John Batten, so I assume we've identified him.

I've obtained 3 books with these illustations. The first such book is titled The Arabian Nights' Entertainments- with Seventy Illustrations and was published by W.B. Conkey Company, Chicago. Although the book has no date, my copy does have a hand-written note on the inside papers with a date of 1907. (A reader advised that she had the same book with a hand-written date of 1903.) I have another book that looks to be almost an exact reprint of this book, but with a different (more boring) cover, and published by The World Syndicate Publishing Company; Cleveland, Ohio and New York City. This latter one is also undated, but has a hand-written note with a date of 1939.

The pictures have an appealing old-world look to them. In addition to a nifty one of Morgiana, there are several for the "Aladdin" story showing the princess wearing interesting outfits. The picture at the top here is from the frontispiece, presumably showing Scheherezade.

Later I acquired a rather different edition, The Arabian Nights' Entertainments- with one hundred and ten illustrations, published by Henry Altemus Company in 1899. This has more illustrations, but has fewer stories. I love this edition because it has a color version of Morgiana dancing as the frontispiece. Also, the "Ali Baba" story contains several more pictures of her dancing, which form sort of an action sequence.

This is from "The Story of the Fisherman and the Genie."
This is from "The Story of Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp." This apparently is the princess, heading into the bath. She seems to be dressed like a dancer! (Not in the Altemus edition.)
The princess again, all duded up.
And again, looking pensive.
Another one of the princess in "Aladdin." (Not in the Altemus edition.)
These two are both from "The Story of Bluebeard." This is a story I don't usually see included in the Nights (it wasn't in the Altemus edition). I'm under the impression is was added later to some compilations.
Starting "The Story of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves" in the Altemus edition, this is apparently the (wealthy) wife of Cassim, Ali Baba's brother. Interesting that she's wearing a dagger.
Here's Morgiana going after the robbers in the pots. What I find interesting here is that she seems to be holding a tamborine!?
Here's the dance sequence from the Altemus edition.
At left is the only picture of Morgiana dancing in the Conkey/World Syndicate editions, and at right the color version from the Altemus edition. Somewhat interesting is she's not dressed the same as in the sequence above. Not sure if that means a different illustrator, or perhaps just done at different times.