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This page is for odds and ends relating to the dance in Florida, things that just don't fit anywhere else but are kind of interesting nonetheless. Newer or updated items tend to be closer to the top.

- Karen Sun Ray and Johanna of Hip Expressions have filmed "how to" belly dance clips for Expert Village.

- Raqia Hassan's Ahlan Wa Sahlan festival in Cairo, Egypt, includes the "Queen of Raqs Sharqi" contest for dancers from all over the world. In 2006, it was won by Miami dancer Bozenka. There was a piece about the event on CNN (go to and search the site for "battle of the belly dancers" or "shimmy shakin' in cairo"). In 2004, Miami dancer Samay placed first and former Miami dancer Amar Gamal came in second.

- Boca Raton dancer Laurel spent some time working with visual artist Jerome Glickman to create artwork inspired by the dance. The first result of their collaboration was a mixed-media piece called "Spirits Away", viewable in the Gallery on Jerome's web site.

'Belly Dancing for Fitness' on Tamalyn Dallal released a new book, Belly Dancing for Fitness: The Ultimate Dance Workout That Unleashes Your Creative Spirit, in September 2004. It includes pictures by Denise Marino. Click on the picture at left to find out more about it at

Tamalyn had previously (in 1998) written another book, They Told Me I Couldn't: A Young Woman's Multicultural Adventures in Colombia, about some of her world travel experiences. You can find out more about it by clicking the picture at right.

'They told me I couldn't' on

Hozuhni also released a book, Enlightenment Dance: Dancing Your Way to Eternal Bliss, in early 2005. Find out more by clicking the picture at left.

- Amie is a member of the Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Scientists™. She became a member around late 2003.

- A number of Florida dancers have won the well-known Ms. America of the Belly Dance contest: Bozenka in 2000, Amar Gamal (now relocated up north) in 1996 (also took the Ms. World that year), and Tamalyn Dallal in 1995 (also Ms. World); all came from the Mideastern Dance Exchange. Miami's Jihan Jamal won in 1987.

Bellydance Superstars on The CD Bellydance Superstars was released to popular acclaim in November 2002. It includes tracks selected by Florida dancers Tamalyn Dallal and Ansuya, along with former Florida dancer Amar Gamal. Click on the picture at left to find out more about it at
Of course, with the success of the first CD, there had to be more. Bellydance Superstars Vol II includes music selected by Florida dancer Bozenka, along with more tracks selected by Ansuya and Amar Gamal.

There's also a DVD which includes performances by Tamalyn Dallal, Ansuya, and Amar Gamal.

Click on the pictures at right to find out more about them at Or, use the following link to search on "Bellydance Superstars" there, in case they come up with more stuff: Bellydance superstars

Bellydance Superstars 2 on

Bellydance Superstars DVD on

- First the CD, then the tour! There's also been a number of Bellydance Superstars concerts and tours around the world, including at various times the Florida dancers mentioned above.

- Southeast Florida teachers Myriam Eli and Bozenka have worked with Latina pop star Shakira, doing choreography for her. Also, Myriam has played doumbek in her band (including televised appearances on Jay Leno, MTV and more).

Believe it or not: Back in April 1928, Boca Raton was a sleepy little town of just 300 people. Thinking it would be nifty publicity, the Boca commission built a huge wooden camel and positioned it across Dixie Highway to attract the attention of Shriners driving to their annual convention in Miami. Boca Camel


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