Translated Lyrics to Haram Aleyk

Translated Lyrics to Haram Aleyk

"Haram Aleyk" is by Natacha Atlas from her Mish Maoul CD. You can find out more about the CD by clicking the image at right, or you can download the song here. Mish Maoul by Natacha Atlas

Haram Aleyk: Have pity (mercy)

Arabic Lyrics English Lyrics
Yabni khalass mish kidda Kid, that's enough, that's not the way
Haram Aleyk kouli da That's a shame all of this
Mish kiffaya leil w'nahar Isn't it enough that night and day
Khaletli a'li tar You make me go crazy
Ana meen, Ana fein, Ana ley, ana eh Who am I, Where am I, For what am I, What am I?
Albi byebki ley? Why does my heart cry?
W'inta assi 'alley And you are so hard on him (heart)
W'ley bita'mel kidda? Why do you do that?
Te'bti albi ey You have tired my heart
Balef warak ya walad I run after you, kid (expression not meaning kid like in English)
Men dar li dar li dar From place to place to place
Da Albi aleb nar My heart is on fire
Min el ghorba From being away from you
Ana meen, ana fein, ye'ni khalass Who am I, Where am I? this means it's over

Thanks to former troupe member Mona for the translation.

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